The racers will compete in what is known as one of the most challenging circuits on international level. A circuit that measure five kilometers in distance. It is spectacular and has to be completed seven and five times in the Men’s and Women’s races, respectively. Right off the start, the course joins a starting loop that immediately creates some separation between the different levels of racers. This will also help to ease the entry into the demanding switchbacks called “Nightingale Uphill” (Nachtigall Uphill). The circuit runs from the start to the right, in the opposite direction. It is 1.6 km long, 600 m of which runs through the woods. The course first passes City Hall on the “Goldgasse” , a paved street, for 700 m to the “Stachelburg”. Athletes will then have to climb on a wide and steep fire road avoiding potential congestions. Technical passages including jumps will lead back through the “Stachelburg” to the Start/Finish Area. Some separation will have taken place at this point.

Most important passages:
• Nightingale Uphill (technical, many switchback, constant rhythm changes)
• Keschtnigl (traditional rocky passage)
• Gugguhütte (steepest section)
• Stepn Downhill (spectacular downhill)
• Ganterer Afahrt (downhill)
• Start/Finish Area (potential sprints for victory)

Technical characteristics:
Length: 4 km/lap
altitude difference: 175Hm/lap
700 m Asphalt,
0,5Km Tractor way
1 km hiking trail
1 km steep track
800 grassland